Bay Village Schools PTA Council

Come join the fun!

Please contact President Anne Ashley at for information about joining the PTA Council in some capacity.

There are many opportunities to use your talents and interests, be they in child advocacy, scholarships, publicity, fundraising, party planning, marketing, web design, photography, accounting, or organization, just to name a few!

The PTA Council coordinates:

* coordinates PTA School of Excellence program
* coordinates the PTA Reflections art program
* the distribution of scholarships to Seniors
* the annual Scholarship Auction in November
* the PTA Founder's Day celebration
* the dissemination of National and Ohio PTA happenings
* drug and mental health awareness education throughout the district
* the Installation Ceremony for all incoming PTA officers across all units

Take the Pledge!!!

We hope you will join your fellow Bay Village Parents/Guardians in pledging to keep our children safe from drug and alcohol abuse. Learn how our PTA Parent/Guardian Pledge came about by reading our Press Release.

Our Mission: To promote greater parental responsibility to keep our children drug and alcohol free.

The Bay Village Parent/Guardian Pledge:

  1. As a Bay Village Parent/Guardian, I pledge to never condone alcohol or drug use for children.

  2. I also pledge to be an active participant in my children's lives by regularly having open communication, participating in family meals, and maintaining awareness of my children and what they are doing.

  3. I also recognize that I am the most powerful influence in my children's lives and take ongoing responsibility for educating my children about substance abuse.

*View the list of Bay Village Parents who have already made this important commitment HERE.
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Note that resources to help you keep our children safe from alcohol and drugs are shown on the left-hand menu. While Bay Village PTA does not endorse individual service providers or organizations that may be mentioned in these resources, we offer them as a starting point for your own search for assistance.