Another A earned on district Ohio Report Card

Another A for Bay Village Schools

Students of the Bay Village City School District are meeting and exceeding state academic standards, earning the district an overall grade of A on the recently released Ohio Report Card for 2019.

A comparison of the report card’s Performance Index (PI), which factors in every test taken by every student, shows Bay Village ranking 6th of 31 districts in Cuyahoga County, and 10th (up from 16th last year) of 608 districts in the state of Ohio. The Bay Village district’s PI score was 107.7 out of 120.0. (The top PI score in the state was 112.6, earned by Solon City Schools.)

“Our students, teachers and administrators should be extremely proud of this significant achievement,” said Jodie Hausmann, Superintendent of the Bay Village City Schools. “Our parents, support staff, board members and community members should also celebrate the important roles they play in helping us reach this level of success. It truly takes everyone working together to provide the environment students need to learn and grow at this level.”

A comparison of spending measures demonstrates that the Bay Village district is using resources in a way that is effective for student learning. Bay Village Schools are 14th in Spending per Pupil ($12,398) out of 31 districts in Cuyahoga County and are the third highest in the county in percentage of revenue spent on classroom instruction (72.6%).

“When our spending measures are contrasted with our high level of student achievement, it is clear that our taxpayers are getting an excellent value from our schools,” said school district treasurer, Nicole Spriggs. “We continue to carefully evaluate how we spend our dollars so that more can go directly to the classroom.”

The Performance Index score has risen steadily over the past three years. A new indicator, met by the district, measures chronic absenteeism. “We know that attendance is a key factor for success in schools,” said Hausmann. “We are focusing this year on devoting personal attention and strong communication in place to address attendance problems before they become serious. Parents and students need to know how important regular attendance is to achievement.”

Another important measure that contributes to the overall A is the report card’s “Gap Closing” category. This grade compares the achievement and growth of students with special needs and other challenges with the achievement of all students. The district met this goal by having supports in place, such as tutoring and extra assistance when participating in general education classes, to help them achieve at levels on par with their typical peers.

The district fell just short of receiving an A on Improving At Risk K-3 Readers, even though both elementary schools covering K-4 individually each earned an A. “We continue to see improvements in this category, and have insured that every single student has met the standard to advance to the fourth grade in reading,” said Char Shryock, Director of Curriculum. “Our Summer Wild Reading Camp, along with our small group intervention time for our at-risk readers, is closing the gap for these students.”

Shryock noted that gifted students are also being well served as evidenced by the high numbers of Accelerated and Advanced scores, as well as the Gifted Value Added scores. “We will see even more growth in this area as we continue to investigate approaches, including continuing our many Advanced Placement opportunities, to better serve our Gifted Students,” she said, noting that the district has increased personnel to enhance services for students identified as gifted.

“We know that the Ohio Report Card measures are important to our community members,” said Hausmann. “We also value the feedback they provide in helping us plan and adjust instruction. But it is the everyday, personal attention and dedication of our teachers and staff members that make such a difference. Having a personal connection at school can make all the difference in the life of a child, and I see those connections over and over again in our buildings. That is the heart of our success.”

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