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Inside Bay Village Schools December 2011
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December 14, 2011

In this issue:



  • New Bay Rocket Logo approved

  • BHS students build for Habitat for Humanity

  • Help for Life Skills School

  • BVEF awards classroom grants

  • Mike Boeckman honored

  • All-day Kindergarten applications available January 11

  • GeoCaching at BMS

  • BHS Key Club and BMS Builders Club work together to stamp out neonatal tetanus

  • Hoops for Hunger another success

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New Bay Rocket Logo approved

Bay High senior Marek Mutch designed the winning Bay Rockets Logo design. The new logo will be used for Bay Village Schools athletics and activities.
The Bay Village Board of Education has approved a new logo for its Bay Village Rockets athletic teams, music groups and other student activity groups at its regular meeting on Monday, December 12. The logo is a sleek, blue and red rocket designed by Bay High senior, Marek Mutch. Mutch’s design took first place in a Bay Rocket Logo Contest held by the district in November. The second place winner was senior, Kaleigh Sima, and third place went to junior, Max Langer. [Read on ...]

Habitat for Humanity

Six members of Bay High Key Club worked on a new Habitat House for a mother and her three children on Saturday, November 5th.


Left-to-right: Habitat Coordinator Ron Kear, Emily Haskett, Anisha Venkataraman, Katherine Kotora,Kristen Zeuch, Ameera Venkataraman, and Tori Tarr.

Left-to-right: Anisha Venkataraman, Katherine Kotora, and Kristen Zeuch 


Emily Haskett, Katherine Kotora,  Tori Tarr, Ameera Venkataraman, Anisha Venkataraman, and Kristen Zeuch installed insulation board and worked on foundation that had been muddying in the cold weather, according to advisor, Anita Bauknecht.

   The girls were able to meet and talk with the future owner of the home.

Bay High students help teens at Life Skills alternative school

Several groups of Bay High students have found ways to partner with educators at the Life Skills alternative school in Elyria to help teens working in the drop out prevention/course credit recovery program. Advanced BHS art students judged artwork and gave feedback to budding artists on their work. Bay High girls have served as pen pals sending notebooks back and forth with comments that build morale and help improve attendance rates for the Life Skills girls. Also, the Bay High Key Club held a clothing drive to deliver the type of clothing that the teens would appreciate. All the helpful exchanges are made while protecting the privacy of both student groups. They are making a difference!

Bay Village Education Foundation awards $14,000+ in grants

Left-to-right: BVEF Grants Co-chair Ellie Bricmont, eighth-grade social studies teacher Matt Kralik, kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Shirey, sixth-grade math teacher Lawrence Kuh, Normandy librarian Linda Noble, Westerly enrichment resource teacher Marian Harmount, first-grade teacher Barbara Ayers, Bay High Asst. Principal Aaron Ereditario, intervention specialist Rick Manderine, Bay High librarians Bonnie Nagel and Barbara Barron and Vice President of BVEF Rhonda Schneider.

A grand total of $14,267 was awarded by the Bay Village Educational Foundation, in partnership with the Bay Village Kiwanis, at the November 28 Board of Education meeting. [Read on ...]

Countdown to 2012 - make your tax-deductible contribution to BVEF

It's true - you can support innovative and exciting classroom projects with a mere $10 contribution (tax-deductible).

Read about all the great investments that donations to the BVEF allowed our students to enjoy and become a part of this successful program with this form and information.

Retiring school board member Mike Boeckman honored by Board of Education

At his final meeting as a Bay Village Board of Education member on Monday, December 12, Mike Boeckman was honored for his six years of service to the school district after deciding to retire from the position. [Read on ...]

All-Day Kindergarten applications available January 11

The district's All-Day Kindergarten application ($200 deposit required and applicable to tuition) for the 2012-13 school year will be available Wednesday, January 11, 2012. First deadline is January 18, 2012. If openings remain available, a second deadline will be set at May 1. [Read on ...]

GeoCaching at Bay Middle School

GeoCaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting activity. Students try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices.
   Bay Middle School students used GPS technology to apply their map reading skills in a real world situation. The GPS devices were funded by the Bay Village Education Foundation to support the project, designed by Mr. Fitchpatrick.

Watch video:

The Eliminate Project

Eliminating neonatal tetanus

Watch the video:

Classes watched the above video during fundraising effort.

You can still donate to this worthy cause here.

Bay High Key  Club and Bay Middle School Builders Club donated $1800 to the national Kiwanis Eliminate Project five-year goal of $110 million toward eliminating neonatal tetanus in developing countries. The two schools held an "Eliminate Trophy" competition for collections, and added their UNICEF Trick-or-Treat and BMS Halloween Garage of Doom collections. Bay High junior Ryan Grimm chaired the project. The BHS Key Club advisor is Anita Bauknecht, and BMS Builders Club advisor is Lauren Stanislaw.

Hoops for Hunger another success

Students in the Bay Village and Rocky River school districts once again made a huge 50,000 "unit" donation (unit equates to approximately $1 both in cans of food and money) to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Follow our district's path to Common Core Standards here.

Happy Holidays!

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