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Superintendent's Message
Dear Visitor:
Clinton Keener
Clint Keener, Superintendent

Beth Conroy, Administrative Assistant

377 Dover Center Road
Bay Village, OH  44140

Ph: 440-617-7305
Fx: 440-617-7301

Office Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

The Bay Village City School District ranks among the best of public school districts in Ohio. Student performance on the Ohio Report Card ranks in the top 5-6% of all 609 districts in the state. Our students consistently score above the national and state averages on SAT, ACT and AP tests (see Student Achievement).

What is the recipe for our success?

School employees and residents deeply care about the future of our children.

Bay Village is a quality community where residents have high expectations for themselves and their children.

Families and school employees have a strong work ethic. District student enrollment is a manageable size at about 2500 students. Smaller schools facilitate a more personal approach, yet Bay High School has expansive course offerings, and both our middle and high schools offer many athletic and club activities.

We have a highly educated community where education for all is valued. Our Board of Education holds the best interest of our children first and foremost in all decisions.

Our teaching staff is highly qualified and dedicated. Due to the strengths of our district, we attract the strongest candidates for open positions.

Administrators have a wealth of experience, strong preparation and effective leadership qualities.

District staff in all areas of operation maintain a good work record and display concern for the care of our children and facilities.

Bay Village offers a wide range of recreational activities for children. All students at the same grade level attend the same school building. This helps administrators balance classrooms and assure equal access and opportunity for all.

The Bay Village School District has a rich tradition of excellence and fine accomplishments.

It is my honor to serve as Superintendent of one of the finest districts in Ohio. If you wish to contact me regarding any matter that is important to you, do not hesitate to drop me a note, send an e-mail or call me at 440-617-7302.


Clint Keener, Superintendent

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Bay Village City School District 377 Dover Center Road Bay Village, Ohio 44140 (440) 617-7300