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Levy Calculator 2016

Calculator for 2016 Bay Village Schools 5.9 mill levy:

  1. Enter the County Auditor's total market value for your home (this figure can be determined on the auditor's website here).
    (The levy will be calculated on the 2015 certified market value for most residents, although there may be individual exceptions.).

  2. Click Recalculate. The calculator will show your additional annual and monthly tax.

The following calculation is an estimate and should only be used for owner occupied residential or agriculture property:

Reminder: use auditor's 2015 total market value of home.        
(Click "Recalculate" below after entering auditor's market value.)

Enter home value
Annual cost of levy
Monthly cost of levy


The levy calculation multiplies the "fair market value" as determined by the County Auditor by 35% to arrive at the home's assessed valuation. The levy millage rate (.0059) is then applied to the assessed valuation.

 Fair Market Value of Home
 x Assessed Value Rate
x .35
 = Taxable Rate
 x Millage Rate
x .0059
 = Annual Cost of Levy

Note: Figures will differ slightly for non-resident homeowners.

Residents who are at least 65 years of age or totally and permanently disabled, and who meet certain ownership and income eligibility requirements, may be eligible for a reduction in property taxes under Ohio's Homestead Exemption act. You can find more information about that here, or by calling the County Auditor's Community Services Department at 216-443-7010.

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