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Safety Town 2016
Attention Safety Town Counselor Applicants
Applications for Counselors are no longer being accepted.  Appicants will be contacted no later than Memoral Day weekend after final decisions have been made.  Thank you to those who have submitted applications!

Registration Update
It's not too late to register for Safety Town!  Please contact Kary Kandra at or call her at 440-250-9890 if you are interested in enrolling in a session during June 2016.  Don't miss out!

What is Safety Town?

Safety Town is a course designed to teach young children safety procedures.  It is offered to children who will be entering Kindergarten in August 2016.  (No repeaters)  Safety Town is sponsored by the Normandy Elementary School PTA and the Bay PTA Council in cooperation with the Bay Village City School District and the Bay Village Police Department. 

Classes take place at Normandy Elementary in the multi-purpose room and a classroom. There, children learn traffic safety for walkers and bike riders.  Other areas of the curriculum include Fire Safety, Bus Safety, Animal Safety, and Stranger Awareness.

*Children do not have to live in Bay to participate, however Bay children will be given first priority.

Registration and Cost
The fee to enroll in Safety Town is $35.00. There will be no refunds

There are two different schedules of Safety Town from which to choose, and there are three time slots available for each session.  Sessions I, II, and III will be held 
June 7th - June 17th.  Sessions IV, V, VI will be held June 20th  June 30th. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis of both online.  Please indicate a first, second, and third choiceShould your first choice session be filled your child will automatically be placed in your second selection.  If your second choice is filled we will place your child in your third choice. An e-mail will be sent advising you of class and time.  Class sizes will be limited to 34.  (If you will be carpooling with another family, please note this on your registration but cannot be guaranteed until each rider registers and pays.) 

For more information please contact: 

Kary Kandra ~ 440.250.9890 or  


2016 Safety Town Dates and Sessions will be: 


Session I: June 7th – June 17th 8:30am – 10:00 am 


Session II: June 7thJune 17th 10:30 am- Noon 


Session III: June 7th- June 17th 12:45pm - 2:15pm 


Session IV: June 20th- June 30th 8:30am- 10:00am 


Session V: June 20th- June 30th 10:30am- Noon 


Session VI: June 20th- June 30th 12:45pm- 2:15pm 

Bay Village City School District 377 Dover Center Road Bay Village, Ohio 44140 (440) 617-7300