New Registrations

Welcome to the Bay Village Schools

In order to ensure a smooth registration process, please read this page carefully.

*Note: You may experience difficultly if attempting to register on a mobile device. We recommend Firefox or Chrome browsers on a desktop computer. 

To begin registration, click the “Begin Registration” link after the instructions. Once you have submitted the online portion for your child’s registration, please schedule an appointment with the Registrar at the building(s) your student(s) will be attending.

Welcome to Bay Village Schools

New Student Registration

Fill out the Application for Enrollment at Bay Village City Schools (using the provided link below).  Once the school registrar reviews your application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online registration process.

1. Click on the “blue” hyperlink: New Student Registration.

2. Please fill out an enrollment application for each student that you are registering.

3. Application must be completed in its entirety.  Select Enrolling School Year of 19-20 or 20-21 (for next school year) and enter the date you would like your child to start school. Select the correct school (Normandy K-2, Westerly 3-4, Middle School 5-8, High School 9-12) as School Preference. Check the Validate Identity Box and Apply to School. This will submit your request to the Registrar of the school selected. All fields with the red asterisk (*) are required.

Next Steps

Communication: You will receive emails through the system informing you of the next steps.

First Email: Welcome to Express Enrollment!  Enrollment Application Received

Second Email: Welcome to the Bay Village City School District

1. Set-up a parent account in PowerSchool which is the Bay Village City School District Student Information System. If you already have a child attending Bay Village Schools, you will NOT need to create a new account, simply add your child to your existing account.

2. All instructions are included in the 2nd email you receive.

3. An Access ID and Access Password is provided toward the bottom of the email (case sensitive). This information is needed when you create your parent account or to add the student to your existing account.

4. The PowerSchool parent account you create will be used throughout your child’s time in Bay Village.  You can view grades, attendance, communicate with teachers and periodically, you will be notified of forms that will need to be completed through your parent account.


Once you have your child added to your account, click on tab with student name and then click the blue "forms" link left navigation bar.  You will then click on the "Enrollment" tab, here you should see the required forms to fill out.

All forms will be found on the Enrollment Tab.

As you complete the forms the leaf will turn from blue to either yellow or green depending on the form.  Once you click submit, it should automatically take you to the next form. Reminder: A red asterisk (*) indicates field MUST be completed.

Form 1: Demographics—Complete all information. (Grade Level 0 is KG level). Once you click submit, it will load the next form for you.

Form 2: Parent / Guardians—Reminder to all parents, if the birth certificate has both parents listed, then both should be listed in our system. Our registrar will be checking this.

Form 3: Medical Information/Consent for Treatment—The purpose of this form is to enable parents/guardians to authorize the provision of emergency treatment for children who have become ill or injured while under school authority, when parents/guardians cannot be reached.

Form 4: Health Information—Please make sure you fill out all necessary information regarding health concerns/medications/allergies for your child. If you would like a nurse to call you regarding any of this, please select yes to that question and provide best time to contact you in space provided.

Form 5: Academic History—This form helps us identify any needs/services your child may have.

Form 6: Previous Enrollment and Records Release—Complete for KG Registration even if student has not been enrolled elsewhere.

Form 7: Consent and Acknowledgement—Please sign and date.

Forms 8-15: Miscellaneous forms depending on the grade level or school your student will be attending.

Enrollment Documents—Upload all Documents—If you would like to upload your own documents, please feel free to do so on this form. Click Add, browse for document, click upload. You may also upload your 2 proof of residency documents here but you will need to bring the notarized form with you to your registration meeting.  If you would like our registrar to complete this, all documentation must be provided during registration.  

This completes your online Registration. Click OK.

You are now ready to begin your new student registration. (Again, you may print these instructions for a convenient reference.)

Register online

Please contact your school registrar for an appointment to complete your registration process:

            Bay High School (grade 9-12):            Fran Magas                 (440) 617-7420

            Bay Middle School (grade 5-8):          Kim Hood                    (440) 617-7604

            Westerly Elementary (grade 3-4):      Carol Salim                  (440) 617-7553

            Normandy Elementary (grade K-2):   Mary Szekely               (440) 617-7353

            Glenview SEED:                                    Dianne Williams          (440) 617-7322

At your registration appointment, you will need to provide the registrar with the required information listed below. The following items are required for EACH new student you are enrolling:

Documents Required for Registration Appointment

Proof of Birth (one of the following)

  • Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Baptismal Record

Parent/Guardian Identification (one of the following):

  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport

If you have not uploaded the following information, please bring with you to your registration meeting:

Proof of Residency:

A, B and C must be brought in to your appointment

A. One (1) of the following with your name and address:

  • Current signed lease (rent receipts are not acceptable) or
  • Proof of home ownership (settlement statement or mortgage bill)

Please note the following IMPORTANT information:

If you are residing with a Friend or Family member who lives in Bay Village and is the homeowner they MUST fill out the Owner Affidavit Form and have it notarized.  If resident is leasing in Bay Village, the landlord must fill out the Owner Affidavit Form and write a letter stating that you and your child are living with the resident on the lease or you and your child’s name must be added as occupants to the lease.

B. One (1) of the following with your name and address:
All mail must be dated within 30 days of the registration appointment.

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance bill
  • Paycheck stub with address
  • Water/Sewer bill

C. Parental Residency & Custody Affidavit   *Mandatory*

Immunization and Health Records 

  • Copy of your child’s immunization records from their doctor
  • Pre-School Physical Form(Required when registering a student in the SEED program at our Glenview Childcare and Early Learning Center)
  • Dentist Report (Required when registering a student in the SEED program at our Glenview Childcare and Early Learning Center – suggested when registering a new kindergarten student)
  • Kindergarten Physical Form (Suggested when registering a new kindergarten student).

Custody Papers – Finalized with court stamp (if applicable):

School Records (for NEW 1st  –  12th graders)

  • Last report card / Grades in Progress / Withdrawal Grades
  • Official Transcripts (High School Students)
  • Test Scores: State and Standardized
  • Fill out and bring the Release of Records Form

Special Education Students

  • IEP AND ETR (current copies)
  • 504 Plan (current copy)
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